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"In every life the most important change is always self-change; and in every situation the principles are always the same."

J. Kingston Cowart

"Change alone is lasting."


"People will endure in- credible pain to stay in the present simply because they know and understand it."

Jeanenne LaMarsh

Changing the Way We Change

"The choice of ways at any cross-road may be more important than we think."

C. S. Lewis.

Selected Literary Essays

Through learning and applying the powers of influence communication, a single person can stimulate favorable change in a great many others.

See The Language
of Change

by Paul Watzlavick.

changing yourself you change the world.

No matter where you are going
, there are always turns along the road of life — with many changes and many ways to make them.

And no matter what confronts you, the kind of change that always counts the most is self-change.

Whichever path you choose from the six navigation bars above, the basic principles of change remain the same.

J. Kingston Cowart offers a variety of services to individuals, groups, and organizations who have decided that it is time to get better results by making some important changes.

With over 39 years of experience as a change consultant specializing in influence communication, he can help you to achieve your personal and professional goals with methods that have proven to be quick, sure, and cost-effective.

If you are serious about change,
then there is no time to wait
and no reason for delay.

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To Make Tomorrow Better Today

J. Kingston Cowart
"The Change Maker"

"Making Tomorrow Better Today" since 1970.

J. Kingston Cowart works with people
and organizations that want to make
important c
hanges quickly.

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